Where do crickets go?

Where Do crickets go when winter comes?

Phyllis was inspired to write this book, her first of the three, by a silence—a silence of creatures of nature. While lying awake in the early hours of an autumn morning, she listened for the normal sounds of nature outside her bedroom window. But this time she heard nothing: no frogs croaking, no birds chirping… nothing. She then wondered how little creatures survive during the winter when we no longer see or hear signs of them. Where do they go? How are they protected? Do they hibernate, migrate, or die? How does Mother Nature care for them? Thus, she was inspired to write a poem which evolved into her conception and writing of this book. Through extensive research, Phyllis informs her reader of where “Ernie Earthworm,” “Fergie Frog,” and “Casey Cricket” (to name a few) go during the winter months. 

Through this writing, Phyllis intends to educate her readers, as well as entertain them. Her ultimate wish is to arouse the interest of young readers in the areas of science, such as entomology, biology, and zoology. 


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